Career Seminars


We want all STEM students to find employment
with manufacturers and take an active role.

We want to support the future engineers who will carry the manufacturing industry forward.
We want all STEM students to find employment with manufacturers and take an active role.
This conviction drives us to help students leverage what they’ve learned in university to find employment as engineers.

Seminar Overview

Target Students
1st to 4th year undergraduates, and 1st and 2nd year graduate students studying mechanical/electrical disciplines in Engineering Departments, and physics in Science Departments.
Example Themes
  • Relationship between courses taken (expertise) and engineering jobs
  • The importance of study to growth as an engineer
  • What you should do now to prepare for after graduation
  • What makes engineering work worthwhile
Former engineers with over 20 years of experience in specialized fields give talks based on their actual experiences.
his seminar has been offered since October 2015 at mechanical and electrical engineering colleges in science and technology universities around the country.
  • Science and
    120 universities

    (66 private, 54 public)

    293 departments
  • Number of lectures
  • Number of

※As of the end of March 2023.

※There is no limit to the number of people who can participate in this seminar.
And the length and content of lectures is adjusted through consultation with the teachers. We also do not charge anything for the lectures.

  • Departmental unit seminar

  • Laboratory unit seminar

  • Small group seminar

Comments from seminar participants


I used to wonder whether my regular studies would come in handy at all. But now that I see how I will use them in the real world, I want to put more effort into my studies now.
I didn’t think I was cut out for design and development. But attending the seminar sparked an interest, and now I want to learn more about other types of work.


I normally tell my students these things, but having actual experienced engineers tell them further deepens the student’s understanding.
Students come to understand the value of the engineering expertise they are learning at university. Afterward, they actively engage in classes and experiments.