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To Shareholders and Investors To Shareholders and Investors

Seeking for the world where skills connect with one another.
For supporting the manufacturing scene.

In these current times, as the population continues to shrink, the number of engineers supporting Japanese manufacturing continues to decrease year-on-year. Despite approximately 40,000 STEM students graduating each year, nearly half of these graduates are moving on to career paths other than manufacturing, and there is growing concern about the shortage of mechanical and electrical engineers and the resulting slowdown in Japan's development capabilities.

Manufacturing is an industry that Japan takes pride in on the global stage, and it still holds many possibilities.
As such, our company has focused on increasing mobility for engineers.

We are attempting to shift the recruitment of human resources away from a labor-intensive business model by getting an assured handle on the state of engineering personnel mobility through work placements for STEM students, career changes for established engineers, and a staffing service for dispatch engineers. Our many years of expertise at Forum Engineering have been combined with reassessing the flow of personnel matching and industry characteristics from the ground up, leading to the development of Cognavi, a skills-based direct-matching system using AI.

Cognavi is equipped with a world-leading dictionary of technical terms and words, and this dictionary is updated daily through automatic learning. As a result, we can to match the skills of engineers to those required by companies, helping to resolve issues in the manufacturing industry caused by a lack of engineering personnel in companies.

We will support engineers in all stages of their careers through our four specialized Cognavi services for engineering personnel, while also supporting manufacturing sites and meeting the expectations of our stakeholders.

Representative Director, President and CEO

Tsutomu SATO