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cognavi カレッジ

Support Service for Engineer Training Taught by Active University Professors

Cognavi College provides corporate training carried out by active professors who possess the latest specialized knowledge and work at 10 partner universities. After directly gathering information about the needs present, we provide custom-made training programs that help young employees obtain a higher level of basic knowledge and acquire knowledge required for dealing with newly introduced technology.

Providing Highly Specialized Lectures Geared Toward Mechanical and Electrical Engineers

Amid labor shortages and brisk changes to companies’ business circumstances, it is urgent that engineers develop and change roles. However, considering that mechanical and electrical engineers practice a highly specialized profession, it is not easy to prepare a training environment. As recruiters and universities are often only connected through career centers and the like, it is difficult to request direct lectures from professors.
For these reasons, Forum Engineering has started to link local companies with universities by making use of the connections we have built between industry and academia over many years. We create and draw up plans for training content, mediate between both parties until the collaboration begins and strive to build a win-win relationship for both sides.
This marks the first attempt within the industry to provide a corporate training system through which university professors and associate professors in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering offer direct instruction.

Providing Highly Specialized Lectures Geared Toward Mechanical and Electrical Engineers


  • Highly specialized content
    We provide training content spanning three divisions comprised of mechanical engineering, mechanical and information engineering and electrical engineering, 106 subjects and 1,200 lectures.
  • High standard of education
    Lectures are taught by university professors and associate professors. In addition to in-person training, we also offer online learning.
  • Ability to take university lectures
    Based on lectures actually commencing at partner universities, we propose classes that perfectly address the respective corporate issues.

Two Kinds of Training Provided by Cognavi College

Depending on the training content required by a company, Cognavi College provides two kinds of services comprised of basic technical training and customized training.
Basic technical training follows a format through which multiple companies participate simultaneously using training content planned by Forum Engineering. For customized training, the staff in charge carefully gather the needs of companies and local sites and propose lecture content and lecturers that correspond with objectives. Companies can select the optimal content and format according to factors including cost and the number and attributes of participants.

Close Follow-up Through the Implementation of Training

We distribute scheduling information and explanations concerning basic technical training as necessary via email. Companies can apply for the desired training at any time.
As customized training follows a format through which companies enter direct contracts with universities, our company will assume responsibility for supporting this process from discussions concerning lecture content through the hosting of training.

Two Kinds of Training Provided by Cognavi College
Example of a University Adopting This Service
Implementation Cases

Electrical Product

The overall standard of knowledge was raised via the yearly curriculum, which led to increased activity in the work environment and reduced outflow of personnel.
In the design and product standards departments, we had employees who were chemistry and humanities graduates with no basic knowledge of machinery. This caused some concern.
At that time, Forum Engineering proposed that we carry out an annual program taught by professors at a local nearby university covering the eight subjects of Fundamentals of Mechanical Drawing, Fundamentals of Industrial Mechanics, Fundamentals of Mechanical Dynamics, Fundamentals of Mechanical Vibration, FEM, Material Mechanics, Experimental Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering. Through this year-long curriculum, we were able to raise the level of overall knowledge and create a workplace environment allowing for the active exchange of opinions. This also helped us curb the outflow of personnel. Not to mention, this reduced the man-hours required for teaching conducted by senior employees, allowing us to increase operational efficiency.

Auto Parts

The overall standard of knowledge was raised via the yearly curriculum, which led to increased activity in the work environment and reduced outflow of personnel.
We were wondering how our company could cultivate battery development personnel, for which there is fierce hiring competition throughout the world, when we learned about Cognavi College. The staff in charge listened intently to our wishes, future goals and other requirements, and this cleared up the skills and knowledge required of the personnel we want to train and the type of curriculum needed to achieve those results.
The staff also sat in on discussions with the university we were introduced to and provided a variety of advice concerning lecture content allowing for the required knowledge to be acquired efficiently. With a university we had no connections with up to this time not involving the career design center, we were able to work together on an individual researcher basis, which has in turn led to conversations about joint research. These results have been greatly praised by our management team.