from the President


Our Unique Skills-Based Direct Matching Service Will Pave the Way for the Future of Manufacturing.

Since its founding in 1981, Forum Engineering has been providing HR services for mechanical and electrical engineers. We are very well-versed in the industry, so we believe we have what it takes to solve the structural shortage of engineers in Japan. And through this, we will endeavor to forge a new future for manufacturing. With that in mind, we have worked to build new HR services to assist the careers of all engineers.

What we focused on in these services was the state of mobility for engineers. The labor force population is decreasing, but by visualizing and matching the skills companies are seeking with the skills of engineers in the engineering personnel market that's poised for a turning point, we can recruit engineers that are not locked into a particular industry or type of work, and we believe this will make it possible to eliminate the structural engineer shortage.

We've used technology to address these challenges, and created a way to get away from the traditional labor-intensive business model. We developed Cognavi, a skills-based direct-matching system that utilizes AI (artificial intelligence).

Cognavi is a system that uses skills as a launchpad to discover possibilities that engineers and companies have never thought of, and bring the two together.

Cognavi is a one-of-a-kind link between engineers and companies that has never been seen before. We will bring together the future of manufacturing and engineers through a completely new way of recruiting.

Representative Director and President

Tsutomu SATO