Cognavi Career Change


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New, Unprecedented Recruitment and Career Changing Services that can turn Unrevealed Skills into Strengths

Cognavi Career Change is a completely new kind of career changing support and job referral service using unique technology that matches the skills required by companies and the skills possessed by engineers, Unrevealed experience and skills can be visualized and turned into strong points.

Skill Matching to capture the Potential and opportunity of both Companies and Engineers

Up to this time, companies have had to subjectively determine whom they should hire based on resumes and lists of qualifications. Due to the difficulty in quantitatively expressing the skills possessed by mechanical and electrical engineers, it has also tended to be difficult to receive objective evaluations during career changing activities.
For these reasons, “Cognavi Career Change” has created a matching system that visualizes the skills possessed by engineers through a Skill Tree and the requirements held by companies through a Technical Tree, and then compares both sets of skills and displays the results quantitatively.
Through this technology, companies will make use of objective assessment data to ensure they never overlook persons who are even somewhat promising, and engineers can discover new possibilities they had never imagined by receiving objective evaluations based on their skills.

Using Skill Matching to Always Catch the Potential of Companies and Engineers

A Smarter Way to Conduct Companies’ Recruitment Activities and Engineers’ Career Changing Activities

On the respective screens used by recruiting companies or members looking to change jobs, Cognavi Career Change displays either engineer candidates or potential companies on a map within the commutable area. With one quick look, even recruiters with no engineering experience can gain a sense of the market for engineers suitable for recruitment. The number of job seekers in the commutable area is represented using different colors. This allows companies to search for suitable persons while comparing and adjusting the location and hiring requirements.
Engineers, on the other hand, can quickly learn what jobs will make use of their skills within the commutable area, thereby allowing them to conduct career changing activities smoothly.

A Smarter Way to Conduct Companies’ Recruitment Activities and Engineers’ Career Changing Activities

Company Profile Contents Created
with a Special Focus on Engineers

Cognavi Career Change posts company profiles unique to Cognavi focusing on products and technology. These profiles are full of contents specialized for mechanical and electrical engineers. They can only be viewed using Cognavi Career Change and contain information including the atmosphere at workplaces and the experiments conducted by companies.

  • Development Branch Profile

    When demonstrating developed products and core businesses, we attach images to more clearly and concisely convey the appealing points of a manufacturing company that acts as a pillar of Japan.

  • Engineer Interviews

    We provide the real opinions of engineers who actually carry out the work to more vividly present a picture of the tasks conducted on the manufacturing floor, eliciting thoughts such as “I want to become an engineer like this person” or “I want to perform this kind of work as an engineer.”

  • Company Tour Using 360-degree Video

    We present the view from within a product manufacturing factory using 360-degree panoramic video. Despite the difficulty of conveying the engineers’ working environment up to this time using only text, this relays it more concretely by providing a virtual experience using video.