The company

  • What does Forum Engineering's business involve, and what are the company's strengths?

    We offer four services. Our core business is our mechanical- and electricalengineerstaffing service, and we also provide support for the employment of STEM graduates, for career changes, education and training. We leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and harness our proprietary skills-based direct-matching system Cognavi to facilitate increased mobility of engineering personnel and support engineers at all stages of their careers. We are the only engineer staffing business in Japan that has recruitment media dedicated exclusively to engineers.

  • When was the company established?

    The company was established as a HR staffing service in April 1981.

  • What's your approach to corporate governance?

    We consider corporate governance to be an important management issue. In order for corporate governance to function properly, we aim to improve the efficiency, appropriateness and transparency of our management by establishing an operational system that can respond quickly to structural changes in the economy and society and changes to the business environment, while also building an appropriate management and supervisory system. For details, please see "Governance / Compliance" on our website.

  • How does the company contribute to society and look after the environment?

    We are engaged in activities to contribute to society and take care of the environment, founded in our purpose of assisting the careers of the mechanical and electrical engineers who support Japanese manufacturing. For details, please see "Sustainability" on our website.

  • How many engineers do you have enrolled, and how many are currently working?

    For information on the number of engineers enrolled and how many are currently working, please see "Number of engineers employed · Utilization rate" on our website.


  • What is your stock code?

    Our stock code is 7088 (TSE Prime Market).

  • When was the company listed?

    The company was listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 9, 2020. On April 4, 2022, it was moved to the Prime Market.

  • What is the stock trading unit?

    Stocks are traded in units of 100.

  • Is there a shareholder benefits scheme?

    The company does not have a shareholder benefits scheme.

  • Are dividends only distributed at the end of the fiscal year?

    Yes, dividends are only distributed at the end of the fiscal year.

  • What date do shareholders need to be registered by to receive dividends?

    Shareholders listed in the shareholder register as of March 31 on a given year are eligible for the end-of-year dividend.

  • What is the company's dividend policy?

    Our basic policy is to strengthen our ability to generate earnings with the goal of achieving enhanced shareholder returns over the medium to long term through sustainable growth, and to distribute continuous and stable dividends on the strength of this performance.

  • Who can I contact about general stock-related procedures?

    For information on stock-related procedures, please see the administrative procedures URL listed in the "Stock Information" section of our website.

Financial reporting and information

  • What is the company's closing date?

    The closing date of our fiscal year is March 31.

  • What is your IR schedule?

    For details of our IR schedule, please see the "IR Schedule" section of our website.

  • Where can I find financial results and IR presentation materials?

    For financial results and IR presentation materials, please see the "IR Library" section of our website.

  • I'd like to know about the company's performance and key financial trends.

    For information on the company's performance and key trends in the company's finances, please see the "Financial Highlights" section of our website.

  • I'd like to know about the company's medium-term management plan.

    We have announced our medium-term management plan. Please click here for details.