1981 April Established Forum Engineering. (Capital 1 million yen)
1985 July Opened Yokohama branch office.(Now Yokohama Forum)
1987 February Opened Osaka Office.(Now Osaka Forum)
October Opend Fukuoka branch office.(Now Fukuoka Forum)
1988 February Opened Sendai branch office. (Now Sendai Forum)
November Opened Nagoya Office.(Now Nagoya Forum)
1989 November Opened Kanazawa branch office. (Now Kanazawa Forum)
1990 August Opened Utsunomiya branch office. (Now Utsunomiya Forum)
1991 January Opened Hiroshima branch office.(Now Hiroshima Forum)
1993 August Head office moved to Shiryoama Trsut Tower. Opend Tokyo branch office.(Now Tokyo Forum)
1995 October Opened Hachioji branch office. (Now Hachioji Forum)
1997 February Opened Suwa branch office.(Now Matsumoto Forum)
2000 April Established Forum Engineering corporate health insurance society.
2001 February Opened business center.
April Opened Atsugi branch office.(Now Atsugi Forum)
July Opened Kobe branch office.(Now Kobe Forum)
2003 January Opened Kyoto branch office.(Now Kyoto Forum)
February Opened Saitama branch office.(Now Saitama Forum)
2004 September Noodle business department starts operation.
2007 December Opened Chiba branch office. (Now Tsukuba Forum)
Opened Hamamatsu branch office. (Now Hamamatsu Forum)
2009 July Absorbed Forum Staff Inc.
2010 July Opened staffing search web site for engineers "Engineer Pit".
2013 June Moved Chiba branch to Tsukuba City and started operating as Tsukuba Forum.
2016 April Launched Cognitive Suffaffing® service, a human resources matching platform that utilizes AI.
2018 July Launched "Cognavi" (currently "Cognavi Job Referral ")based on "cognitive staffing", a staff introduction site that visualizes the skills of engineers.
2019 February Launched Cognavi College service to connect local universities and companies and help engineers improve their skills.
July Launched Cognavi Graduate service, STEM students find jobs that let them make use of the subjects they have studied.
October Internal Engineer Position Matching System for Manufactures Announcing launch of "Cogvani Talent Management" service.
2020 March Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
April Head office moved to Okura Prestige Tower.
2022 April Moved to the Tokyo Stock Exchange's new top-tier "Prime" Market
October Founded a subsidiary in India, "Cognavi India Private Limited".