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Forum Engineering Inc.

Handling of Personal Information In receiving your personal information, the Company will define the handling of your personal information as follows and try to protect the same.
[Purpose of use of personal information] The following is the purpose of use of personal information this time.

Name of Service and Type of Personal Information to be ObtainedPurpose of Use
Membership information of Engineer Pit.
Membership information of Engineer Pit Career.
(1) Provision of the relevant services.
(2) Notifying of the Company’s services by e-mail newsletter, e-mail, mail, etc.
(3) User support with regard to the relevant services and communications from the Company.
(4) Compilation of a database of information for the purpose of improving convenience of the members.
Entry information of Engineer Pit Dispatching.
Entry information of Engineer Pit Job Recruitment.
Entry information of Engineer Pit Career.
Entry information of Engineer Pit Graduate Recruitment.
Entry information of Technical Job Navi.
Entry information from a corporate site.
*Such entry information includes personal resumes, curriculum vitaes, etc. submitted at the time of an interview.
(1) Answering to each entry.
(2) Recruitment activities (Screening, recruitment decision, referral on the Company’s system, etc.)
(3) Communications from the Company.
(4) Procedures to enter the company .after an unofficial offer.
Inquiry (1) Answering to inquiries.

[Provision to third parties] The Company will not provide your personal information to third parties without obtaining your prior consent unless such provision is pursuant to laws and regulations. [Entrustment] The Company may entrust your personal information to outside companies for business necessity such as information processing and maintenance. With regard to such outside companies, the Company will conduct appropriate management including confirmation of security of personal information handling, execution of a confidentiality agreement, etc. [Voluntary submission] You are required to enter your personal information only on voluntary basis; provided, however, that not entering certain personal information may cause cases where the Company cannot perform its services appropriately. [Acquisition of personal information by means that do not allow easy recognition of individuals] This website uses cookies only to maintain session information, not to collect personal information from you. [Disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of personal information] You are entitled to request notice of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction/addition/deletion of content, suspension of use, erasing, or suspension of provision to a third party, of your personal information. If necessary, please contact the following:

Forum Engineering Inc.
Executive Officer,Human Resources and General Affairs Manager
Fax: 03-5401-5536
‹Person in Charge of Handling of Personal Information›
Personal Information Protection Manager