Governance / Compliance


Our Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

Forum Engineering considers corporate governance to be a highly important management issue.
In order for corporate governance to function properly, we aim to improve the efficiency, appropriateness and transparency of our management by establishing an operational system that can respond quickly to structural changes in the economy and society, as well as changes to the business environment surrounding the Company, while also building an appropriate management and supervisory system.

Management Promotion System

The Company has adopted a system with corporate auditors.
The Board of Directors consists of over one-third independent Outside Directors, and strives for sustainable growth of the Company and improved corporate value over the medium to long term, while also having oversight of important management decisions and each director’s execution of their duties.

The Audit and Supervisory Board consists of Outside Audit and Supervisor Board Members who audit the execution of duties by directors from a standpoint that is independent of management.
In addition, we have voluntarily established the Nomination and Compensation Committee in order to attain objectivity and transparency in the appointment and compensation of directors.

As a rule, in addition to directors deliberating and making decisions on important management-related matters at the Board of Directors meeting held once a month, we also have a system in place for appropriate decision-making through reports and advice from the Management Committee and Compliance Committee.

In an effort to improve governance, the Internal Audit Office has established a system for directly reporting to the Representative Director and President, as well as to the Board of Directors and the Audit and Supervisory Board, on important matters in audit planning and audit results.

Management Promotion System Management Promotion System