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Job Placement Service for Mechanical and Electrical Engineers Specially Geared Toward STEM Graduates

Born from the idea that all STEM graduates can become mechanical and electrical engineers, Cognavi Graduate is a specialized job placement service for those students. While students’ own studies and interests connect to the appropriate job, at the same time, a company can approach students who meet their skill requirements.

Matching STEM Graduates’ Studies
with Specific Company Jobs

We systematize all aspects of students’ studies, such as courses, through a Course Tree, and match the results with a Technical Tree that visualizes companies’ requirements. Although there are a fair number of students who conduct job hunting as if they are groping around without understanding what kind of job their studies connect with, by using Cognavi’s unique skill matching technology, they can find work allowing them to make use of the things they have learned.
By visualizing the respective skills for both students and companies, this will eliminate any concern that new employees might be mismatched after joining a company.

Matching STEM Graduates’ Studies with Companies’ Jobs

All Offers Posted Concern Jobs that Make Use of Knowledge and Experience in STEM Education

We only post job offers specially intended for STEM graduates and concerned with technical positions at manufacturers. Even if a student’s major does not correspond fully, they will be listed as a candidate by the Matching Tree if there is a small degree of correlation. This visualization of potential candidates is a feature unique to Cognavi Graduate in that students will be able to meet with companies that own technology they are not aware of.
At science and engineering universities throughout Japan, we are also conducting Engineer Seminars taught by our company’s employees who formerly worked as engineers at leading manufacturers. This will provide a response to students’ questions such as “What work duties are conducted by mechanical and electrical engineers?” and “What is the atmosphere like on the manufacturing floor?”

All Offers Posted Concern Jobs that Make Use of Knowledge and Experience in Science and Engineering

Specialized Internships for STEM Graduates Also Posted

Cognavi Graduate can also accommodate applications for internships. Students can choose potential internship sites based on their courses, while companies can learn the courses conducted by applicants. At an early stage, students and companies can pursue communication that revolves around academic studies.

Loaded with Contents Revealing the Real State of a Company

Cognavi Graduate posts a wealth of contents that allow STEM graduates to research companies. By adding 360-degree videos of plant premises, test facilities and offices, as well as images that instantly demonstrate the products handled, this allows students to deepen their understanding of the working style and business operations of companies that strike their interest.

  • Development Branch Profile

    When demonstrating developed products and core businesses, we attach images to more clearly and concisely convey the appealing points of a manufacturing company that acts as a pillar of Japan.

  • Engineer Interviews

    We provide the real opinions of engineers who actually carry out the work to more vividly present a picture of the tasks conducted on the manufacturing floor, eliciting thoughts such as “I want to become an engineer like this person” or “I want to perform this kind of work as an engineer.”

  • Company Tour Using 360-degree Video

    We present the view from within a product manufacturing factory using 360-degree panoramic video. Despite the difficulty of conveying the engineers’ working environment up to this time using only text, this relays it more concretely by providing a virtual experience using video.

Utilization Case - Impressions from Adopting Company

Adopting Company

Adopting Company

Successfully Formed a Large Pool of Applicants by Adopting This Service
With only a small number of recruiters, we decided to adopt this service with the aim of increasing applicants without investing considerable man-hours. When we actually put it to use, we were surprised by the exceptional high quality of the students accessed through Cognavi Graduate and the fact that there are precisely applications from students in the fields required by our company. Because students apply after confirming the compatibility between their own Course Tree and the skills desired by our company (i.e., the Technical Tree), we believe that this has provided a strong matching rate.
Adopting Company

Adopting Company

Support by a Representative Increases the Application Rate
he representative at Cognavi Graduate provided us genuine support by following up with us completely after we introduced the service. For this reason, there was a very high rate of students who participated in a job fair and then made an application, resulting in high quality recruitment activities.

Utilization Case - Impressions from Students who Secured Employment



National University:
Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Course
I was able to find companies that matched me based on my course, and this allowed me to discover companies I didn’t know before. And it also served as a helpful reference when I researched about companies I already knew about. Because it’s a service that’s specialized for manufacturing engineers, it was extremely easy to use.


Private University:
Engineering Department, Manufacturing Course
Because Cognavi Graduate deals with job-based recruitment, I liked that I could search for companies where I could continue my studies in greater detail after securing employment, without letting the things I learned up to now mostly go to waste. And I could also research company information at a very detailed level.