Forum Engineering regularly visit and listen to our clients even though we do not have any request from them. We make proposal based on this hearing. Usually, the proposal is made after the hearing form the clients. However, we Forum Engineering make proposal with the engineers we hired, so we need not to look for engineers, and able to propose the best engineer that suits our clients need.




Forum Engineering function as a HUB for sales person, engineer and internal support staff. Our sales team collects information proactively, and all of the information is gathered to sales team. This system that does not rely on the system, prevents information loss, and leads to speedy proposal.
To the engineers, we always provide information and feedback so that they can keep the best condition.
This system, leads to enhance the engineer's performance, and as a result, customer service quality goes up.




"31 years" is the longest years of continuous employment as an engineer at Forum Engineering.

Our mission is to support the "Engineers work". Above the most, we value on supporting the engineers so that they can find the best place and condition to work. From recruiting to working at the other company and taking their career development into consideration, the engineer's long term vision, and matching between clients will be the key success factor. Supporting such engineer will result to enhance the performance of the engineers. "31 years" is the longest years of continuous employment as an engineer at Forum Engineering. We believe that this number symbolize our motto "Supporting engineers work".

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