Helping People Find the Joy and Fulfillment of Working

Forum Engineering is promoting normalization by working proactively to a create a space for the employment and hiring of people with disabilities, rooted in our basic policy of contributing to the creation of a society where all people, with or without disabilities, can experience the joy and fulfillment of working.

Employment of People with Disabilities

As part of our practice of normalization, Forum Engineering has opened the Workshop, the Craft center and the noodle production center in Tokyo, Japan, to create work opportunities for people with disabilities. Members of each location work according to our three key rules of engaging with your co-workers, keeping people informed, and being self-reliant, to provide people with a sense of satisfaction and pride in their work. People with various disabilities work together as a team, leveraging each other's individual strengths.

Percentage of employees
with disabilities
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Age range
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*As at March 31, 2023

Location and Details of Activities

Workshop, Tokyo

The Workshop in Akabane primarily takes care of Forum Engineering's back office work. It handles a wide range of tasks, such as enclosing and shipping documents for our employees, digitizing contracts and other documents, and ordering business cards for our officers and employees. A high level of accuracy is required for these tasks, since the Workshop also handles documents containing data and personal information via computers. The center has achieved a zero error rate by standardizing how these are handled and checked.

Craft Center, Tokyo

The Craft Center is primarily engaged in the assembly of paper bags. In addition to the paper bags used by our company, it also accepts orders from other companies. Assembling paper bags may be thought of as a simple and straightforward task, but the difficulty of the work varies depending on its size and the quality of the paper. Members carefully assemble each piece while paying close attention to the texture and characteristics of the paper. Once they have gotten accustomed to the process, members then become able to handle assembling the product from start to finish by themselves.

Noodle Production Center, Tokyo

The Noodle Production Center manufactures and sells our original ramen noodles, known as "Forum Noodles." The Noodle Production Center makes the noodles while adjusting the amount of water added depending on the temperature and humidity in the room, and then weighs, packages, boxes and ships them out. In addition to being given as souvenirs to our business partners, the "Forum Noodles" produced at this Center are outsourced for sale to employees, general customers and welfare facilities. The Center also sponsors donations to local government food bank projects and other activities.
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