Overcoming various difficulties, and reached the goal with its skill and knowledge.
These engineers contributed a lot to the clients business and highly evaluated.
The words from such engineers is filled with joy and sense of fulfillment.
Gain marketable skill and go beyond.

Naohiro Hirose
Development of generator
Joined 2016 January

If we do only what we are told to do, nothing differs us from robot. Gain new knowledge, and go beyond.

Takuya Horiuchi
Test and evaluation of car air conditioner.
Joined 2014 March

Sense of accomplishment after a hard time.

Masayuki Itou
SOC issuing
Joined 2004 January

What he feels after winning President Prize.

Keisuke Sugimoto
Development of the packing machine system
Joined 2009 July

Doing small tasks step by step and m Motohito Kikusawa.

Motohito Kikusawa
Designing tank car.
Joined 2013 April

I want to make products which make people all over the town and the world happy.

Eiji Ashihara
Manufacturing electrical component
Joined 1998, January

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