Cognavi Talent Management


cognavi タレントマネジメント

Visualizing the Skills of Registered Engineers
and Achieving Optimal Placement

Cognavi Talent Management is a cloud service that optimizes employee placement through the visualization and integrated management of mechanical and electrical engineers’ skills. To visualize skills, it adopts Cognavi’s unique tree diagrams, namely its “Skill Tree” and “Technical Tree” technology. This presents new possibilities for organizations as skill data can be used to make deductions concerning areas including teams’ skills inventory management and organizational simulations.

Reducing the Operational Burden on
Management and HR Reps

By systematizing the skills possessed by engineers, companies can quantify the gap between the skills required by recruitment as the Skill Sufficiency Rate, and also ascertain abilities and organizational capabilities not demonstrated by standard talent management systems.
As this allows for tacit knowledge to be visualized in a logical manner, this will help reduce the burden on management and HR reps within various career-related areas concerned with personnel evaluations, training and job rotations.

Reducing the Operational Burden on Management and HR Reps

Proposing the Optimal Placement of
Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
Through Skills Inventory Management

In addition to coordinating organizations’ personnel data, Cognavi Talent Management uses AI matching to deduce which engineers will improve the Skill Sufficiency Rate in consideration of the current circumstances at each department.
While supporting wide-ranging organizational simulations for sections ranging from development teams with a few members up to divisional units, this will highlight potential skills and abilities that engineers have not realized themselves and support the strengthening of organizational capabilities.

“Busho-Manager”, a Skills-Based Management System
Usable on an Individual Department Basis

“Busho” means “department” in Japanese. Our Department Manager is a cloud service that allows companies to use some of Cognavi Talent Management’s functions on a project or individual department basis. An organization with approximately 15 to 20 members can start small. “Busho-Manager” can also accommodate use by multiple teams through a SaaS method. This service will support companies in strengthening organizational capabilities and boosting teams’ technical capabilities by allowing clients to discern the areas where improvement is required for each engineer and to comprehend growth quantitatively.


  • Analyze and apply engineer skills using data
  • Grasp the basis and results of human resources development at a glance
  • Operate with ease through simple controls
  • Receive full support when adopting this service from engineers originating from manufacturers
Department Manager, an Ability Management System