What iscognavi

“cognavi” is a revolutionary job matching website for engineers

It is a future-oriented IT career service that matches leading engineers.

Using AI technology to recognize skills

AI technology converts engineers’ "job histories" and "skills" into numerical values and visualizes them as a score. Converting this information into digital data makes it easy to spot engineers with skills that are ideal matches for the company.

Feature ofcognavi

The Matching Map

The map displays match indicators based on the skills and experience of engineers looking for jobs within the company’s geographical reach.
Selecting talented engineers with high matching scores makes recruitment faster and lower cost.

The Technical Tree

Registering “technical trees” that represent each department’s technical elements in tree form makes it easy to visualize job-seekers’ skills and matching ratios together.

AI Matching

Cognitive computing, which can comprehend, deduce and learn, converts engineers’ skills into numerical values to select optimal talent for tasks and offers faster matching speeds than conventional methods.

Matching Score -COMPAS-

The score between "engineer" and "job" by advanced analytical methods (analysis of statistical attributes, Bayesian networks, etc.)

Personality -SIDUS-

Analyze engineer's personality by Watson PI (Personality Insights) based on written and spoken expressions. So display each individual’s characteristics and preferences as scores.

Company Introduction Pages
Exclusively for Engineers

Pages specializing in technology

Post content that showcases your company’s strengths, such as specialty products or unique technologies.

Content that highlights your work environment

Promote your company’s work environment through interviews and 360° videos to enhance the attraction to engineers and gain matches.

Individual Benefits

Benefits for companies

The system enables your company to objectively evaluate how closely an applicant’s skills and personality fit the company’s culture, and helps you to place the right recruit in the department. What’s more, visualizing skills makes it easier for hirers to recognize the differences between the skills your company needs and those the applicants have, streamlining strategic human relations training. This allows your company to proactively approach candidates that best match the business.

Benefits for applicants

The system specializes in accurately matching leading, future-oriented engineers like you based on detailed analysis of your experience in terms of products, tools and industries.

Support EngineersWilling to Work

Supporting engineers in diverse categories

Forum Engineering has created cognavi to support both engineers and corporations into the next era.
cognavi is one manifestation of Forum Engineering’s history as an agent and advocate for engineers, offering even greater support for you than ever before.
Our aim is to achieve the most advanced Cognitive Staffing available, and continue to support engineers going forward.