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Engineering Career Seminars

Engineering Career Seminars

Engineering Career Seminars

We want to support the future engineers who will carry the manufacturing industry forward. We want all STEM students to find employment with manufacturers and take an active role. This conviction drives us to help students leverage what they’ve learned in university to find employment as engineers. (Link to page with details)

Promoting Normalization

Forum Engineering strive to create a society where people can have a joy to work regardless of handicapped or not. We organize office center, noodle making center in order to contribute to expand employment opportunity. We believe that it is our corporate social responsibility to support and bring out full potential of handicapped person, and help them to live their own live with a support of able-bodied person.

Noodle creation center (Forum Noodle)

We produce our original Forum noodle at Tokyo Minowa Noodle creation center.

Office center

Organizing 2 work places in Tokyo at Akabane since 2001, at Nihonbashi since 2018.
They have worked for making name cards, carrier-bags, mailing, filing and more.